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About WordCard Generator 2

WordCard Generator 2 is an educational software package allowing teachers to produce printed worksheets quickly and easily. Worksheets can be based on the built-in WordBanks, which contain thousands of words grouped phonetically or by subject.

WordBanks     WordCard Generator 2 is specifically designed to help children with learning difficulties, but can be used for children with a range of abilities by choosing appropriate words. The WordBanks cover many phonetic rules such as magic e, consonant blends, double consonants, etc. However, their use is not just limited to teaching English. The subject based WordBanks contain words relevant to the syllabus of many school subjects including Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Languages and more.
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Worksheets     WordCard Generator 2 builds on the features available in the original WordCard Generator.  In addition to WordCards, you can now produce several different types of worksheets, all of which can be based on the WordBanks provided or customised with words of your choice.
The orignal WordCards. Simple yet incredibly versatile, WordCards can be used in a range of educational games and activities. Available in many sizes, arranged on a portrait or landscape A4 page (or any other page size supported by your printer) - you choose. New back-to-back feature.
BingoCards are designed to be used in conjunction with WordCards, extending the range of possible games and activities.
Play Dominos with words! Each card contains the last part of a word and the first part of another word. Choose how the words are split so that the cards can be used for many different teaching objectives.
Similar to DominoCards, except that each card contains one word which is cut into two. The half-cards are shuffled and have to be paired to reform the words.
SpeechCards can be used with third party equipment to record and play speech. Just attach a strip of video tape where shown and you can create your own recordable cards. Software comes with suggestions for using at all Key Stages. Truly multi-sensory!
Create a WordSearch containing words of your choice. Choose between a standard WordSearch, or a coded WordSearch, where each word first has to be deciphered using a symbol substitution code. Alternatively really get them thinking by giving word meanings as the clues!
Create a CrossWord containing words of your choice. Choose the coded CrossWord option, or define a clue for each word (a few lists come with meanings to get you started).


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