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How to Order

Schools, colleges, LEAs, etc. can currently order a School Site Licence for the Special Offer one-off price of £99 (normal price £125), by emailing details of school name and address, together with a purchasing order number, if required.

If you are based within the UK, an invoice and activation code will be emailed by return.

If you are based outside the UK, an invoice will be emailed to you by PayPal. On receipt of your payment your activation code will be emailed by return. Please see below for more details of PayPal invoicing and payment.

The School Site Licence allows all teachers, TAs, etc. to install it on all computers at school, and at home if required. (Although designed as a tool to help SEN teachers, it has also been widely used across the curriculum, abilities and age ranges by class and subject teachers.)

A Single User Licence is also available for students, parents and self-employed private tutors who do not work in schools, colleges, etc. This licence is available for only £30 on the understanding that it is for the sole use of the individual.

To order a Single User Licence, please confirm by email - stating your name, email address, postal address and your chosen method of payment.

There are three ways to pay:

  1. Make payment by BACS, [email to request our bank Sort Code and Account Number]
  2. Send payment by cheque (payable to Linda Adey) to:
          Linda Adey
          12 Leadbetter Drive
          B61 7JG
  3. Make payment by PayPal. Please see below for more details of PayPal invoicing and payment.

If you choose option 1, please email when you have transferred the payment and the activation code and software licence will be sent straight away, so that you can start using the software.

Payment using PayPal

When you email or write to tell us that you want to pay us using PayPal, you will receive at your email address an invoice from PayPal. The invoice shows a Payment button where you can pay using your debit or credit card or using your PayPal account if you have one. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service.

When you have paid PayPal will inform us and we will email to you your activation code.

Download the software from this page. This is a full working copy of the software, but will only print and save once activated.

We are monitoring which type of promotion is most effective (currently it is word of mouth!). Please could you tell us how you heard of our software. Thank you.


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